SLIM50...The Free weight control program for the "Over the Hill" gang.

You might ask, "what does my age have to do with my weight"?

The answer is your body and lifestyle takes on a number of changes as you begin and enjoy the mature years. When you were younger, your metabolism and physical activity were operating in full swing do to things like children at home, full-time job, etc. Combine todays reduced physical activities along with your metabolism is not as reliable as it once was we all tend to put on those extra pounds.

The SLIM 50 program is an effective way to control our body's urge to acquire more food then the body requires. Most diet programs fail for one reason. They become very boring after only a couple of weeks and we don't like boring so the diet ends.  The

SLIM50 plan does not require that you start eating piles of rabbit food (salads) or portion control meals that you purchase on a diet plan.

The SLIM50 Get and Stay Slim Program

Get the facts on how much you need to lose and how long it will take. (That information is available here)

Your Food Diary will keep track of all the food you consume making it easy to track your daily calorie count.


YEA REIGHT. Everyone knows that reducing you daily calorie intake, you will lose weight. We start out with a super diet plan we heard about and have great anticipation that we will be slim again. Guess what happens after about 2 weeks on the super diet plan?  We get very bored with eating the same type of food day after day. The super diet plan comes to an end and we put back the few pounds we have lost.
Why is the SLIM50 Program any different from the many other weight lost programs I've seen?


The primary reason we eat is because we get hungry, not because our body is requiring the extra calories.  This differs from the reason we take a drink of water as our body is requiring the water to survive. Of course if we never eat our body will shut down. SLIM50 combines our stored fat along with our food intact to reach just the right amount of fuel our body requires to function in a healthy manner. 


Throughout our life we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal. Although this may still be true with growing children and young adults it is not the case as you get older.  In fact the type of breakfast we all normally eat is a great contributor to our excess weight.  Here is why:
Our normal breakfast usually consist of cereals, breads, donuts and other tasty foods.  All of these are high in  carbohydrates.  Its the carbohydrates that are the problem.  While eating foods high in carbohydrates serve to  temporary satisfy your hunger, that satisfaction is short lived.  Within a few hours our hunger will return and we will  satisfy the hunger by eating. 

The SLIM50 program advises that for your morning meal eat fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, peaches, apples or even a banana.

Another technique to help eliminate mid morning hunger is to take an antacid tablet such as tums or various store generic brands. Most of these contain calcium carbonate which acts as an appetite suppression and  will help with any mid-morning hunger pains. Another benefit of this is you may want to skip breakfast and combine the calories for a larger lunch.
Warning: Check with your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicine as the components of these antacid tablets my reduce the potency of certain  prescriptions. You may check here for more information.


Weighing yourself every few days can be very discouraging and by waiting to weigh on the same day every month you will be very proud of what you have accomplished. SLIM50 is not a "lose weight fast" program. You will lose about 1 pound per week on a continuing basis until you reach your weight goal.  Your body and eating habits will adjust accordingly to maintain a slim and healthy lifestyle. l.

Use Your MY SLIM50  to look up the calories and carbohydrates of any type of food. If you plan to eat a meal at a restaurant, plan in advance what you will be eating.  Use our Restaurant Menu Look-up to know what their meals contain. You will find over 850 including all the popular restaurant chains here.

For all meals until the evening meal,  keep the total calories combined between 400 to 500.

To help with meal planning use our collection of over 4000 recipes designed with lower calories but retain a great taste. All of the recipes show you the serving calories and carbohydrates totals.

4000 recipes for getting slim again covering:

Yes, Cocktails and or Deserts are allowed under your SLIM50 Plan.
If you wish to enjoy an evening cocktail or other type of adult beverage, our cocktail section is stocked with information and drink recipes.

Alcohol & Dieting
COCKTAILS    BEER    BRANDY    GIN    LIQUEURS    RUM    TEQUILA    VODKA    WHISKEY    WINE    Alcohol blood level calculator

The SLIM50 program is like learning to ride a bicycle, once learned it is never forgotten. Once you have reached your weight goal you will have no trouble with maintaining that slim body for years to come.

We believe that exercise is not an effective way to lose weight but is very important for a healthy body.  Allow about 30 minutes a day to get off your butt and take a walk or other similar  activities. We have a Calorie Activity Calculator  which will show you exactly the number of calories you burn doing various exercises and other activities

SLIM50 has some amazing tools to make your life easier while shedding all those extra pounds.  These tools are free for you to use.  In order for SLIM50 to  remember all you data you will need to register.  Your account is free and we do not use or share any of your information with outside sources.

Food Consumption Diary....Keeps track of the food you eat by food type, amount, calories & carbs, meal and day.

SLIM50 Program Calendar....Incorporates your Food Diary in an easy monthly format.

Recipes: Over 4000 tasty low calorie meals and snacks
Food Calorie Lookup:  Find the calories & carbohydrates of all types of foods
Restaurant Menu Look-up:  We have the menu items showing the calories & carbohydrates of 850 restaurants.
Cocktails:  The bar is always open with wine, beer and liquor diet information

The SLIM50 program is successful because you can eat and drink what you enjoy.