Pasta salad recipes with low calorie and carbohydrates

Who says diet food must taste boring? These salad recipes will not only make your taste buds smile but are also low in calories.

As an added feature each salad recipe preview provides you with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and more per suggested serving.

Low calorie Salad recipes for getting slim again covering:
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
A refreshing pasta salad with unique flavor combinations.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 251 | Carb: 17.36g | Prot: 13.03g | Fat: 14.59g
Rotini Pasta Salad
Rotini pasta with tomatoes, cucumber and green peppers.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 335 | Carb: 60.89g | Prot: 9.49g | Fat: 6.07g
Salmon Alfredo Salad
A low GI salmon pasta salad.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 473 | Carb: 51.07g | Prot: 21.88g | Fat: 20.52g
Spinach Orzo with Pinenuts
A simple pasta and fresh spinach side dish that can be served hot or cold.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 214 | Carb: 23.83g | Prot: 5.65g | Fat: 11.36g
Tomato & Cucumber Balsamic Pasta Salad
Pasta salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion with balsamic vinegar as a base.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 140 | Carb: 24.90g | Prot: 3.66g | Fat: 3.77g
Whole Wheat Gemelli Pasta Salad
A low fructose, tasty pasta salad using organic whole wheat gemelli pasta, black beans, and fresh vegetables.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 248 | Carb: 34.12g | Prot: 6.71g | Fat: 10.81g
Creamy Farfalle Salad
Delightful farfalle pasta salad with fresh vegetables.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 195 | Carb: 26.02g | Prot: 8.19g | Fat: 6.34g
Creamy Whole Wheat Pasta Salad
A healthy choice for a refreshing summer salad.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 122 | Carb: 22.45g | Prot: 6.84g | Fat: 1.50g
Garden Pasta Salad
A easy pasta salad that everyone loves.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 242 | Carb: 40.05g | Prot: 8.57g | Fat: 6.02g
Macaroni Salad Made Over
A better for you macaroni salad with lower fat and calories without sacrificing taste.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 103 | Carb: 12.75g | Prot: 3.27g | Fat: 4.62g
Tuna Macaroni Salad
Easy to make tuna salad with macaroni, egg, mayonnaise, onion and celery.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 348 | Carb: 46.05g | Prot: 14.19g | Fat: 11.65g
Pasta Salad with Tuna & Sweet Corn
Very flavorful and really great for lunch.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 283 | Carb: 35.59g | Prot: 19.44g | Fat: 8.68g
Tuna Pasta Salad
A versatile salad with tuna, vegetables and pasta.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 363 | Carb: 53.71g | Prot: 26.53g | Fat: 5.02g
Whole Wheat Pasta Salad
A delicious high fiber, low fat pasta salad with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and olives.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 253 | Carb: 49.74g | Prot: 11.56g | Fat: 3.15g
Italian Pasta Salad
A fantastic pasta salad that's Phase 2 and 3 South Beach friendly in moderation.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 188 | Carb: 20.91g | Prot: 6.83g | Fat: 9.65g