Green salad recipes with low calorie and carbohydrates

Who says diet food must taste boring? These salad recipes will not only make your taste buds smile but are also low in calories.

As an added feature each salad recipe preview provides you with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and more per suggested serving.

Low calorie Salad recipes for getting slim again covering:
Kale Salad
A tasty recipe that is high in vitamins A, C and K, and is also moderately anti-inflammatory.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 134 | Carb: 11.02g | Prot: 2.26g | Fat: 9.82g
Big Salad II
A salad makes the salads that you get at a restaurant look meager.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 128 | Carb: 14.74g | Prot: 4.95g | Fat: 6.77g
Green Salad with Lemony Dressing
A leafy green mixed salad with cheese and a lemony dressing.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 181 | Carb: 9.18g | Prot: 5.60g | Fat: 14.54g
Leafy Green Mixed Salad
Large salad with mixed baby greens, beans, corn, cucumber and tomatoes.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 239 | Carb: 37.76g | Prot: 9.01g | Fat: 7.94g
Mixed Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast
A mix of salad greens and garden vegetables with leftover roasted chicken.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 244 | Carb: 8.02g | Prot: 24.51g | Fat: 11.96g
Tossed Salad
Just as it says an easy and healthy salad.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 40 | Carb: 8.66g | Prot: 1.99g | Fat: 0.42g
Mixed Salad
Ideal tasty salad that is really healthy.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 255 | Carb: 41.79g | Prot: 9.52g | Fat: 9.10g
Peachy Chicken Salad
A healthy and simple salad to make, even for non-cookers.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 334 | Carb: 45.68g | Prot: 23.45g | Fat: 7.12g
Summer Salad
Refreshing salad for those hot summer days.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 235 | Carb: 25.28g | Prot: 5.02g | Fat: 15.38g
Big Salad
A basic versatile salad that you can chop and change.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 91 | Carb: 9.53g | Prot: 9.32g | Fat: 2.44g
Vegetable Salad with Parmesan
A light salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and parmesan.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 32 | Carb: 6.16g | Prot: 1.68g | Fat: 0.55g