Chicken Salad recipes with low calorie and carbohydrates

Who says diet food must taste boring? These salad recipes will not only make your taste buds smile but are also low in calories.

As an added feature each salad recipe preview provides you with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and more per suggested serving.

Low calorie Salad recipes for getting slim again covering:
Asian Chicken Salad
Asian inspired chicken salad that you can also wrap in fresh lettuce.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 221 | Carb: 29.47g | Prot: 17.98g | Fat: 4.51g
Chicken Avocado Salad
Simple dressed salad with chicken, avocado and tomato.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 533 | Carb: 23.82g | Prot: 19.38g | Fat: 43.54g
Chicken Two Bean Salad
A delicious and cold chicken and beans salad.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 274 | Carb: 22.17g | Prot: 31.38g | Fat: 7.69g
Chopped Chicken Salad
Chicken and salad greens in a light dressing.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 348 | Carb: 11.44g | Prot: 37.58g | Fat: 17.05g
Cold Chicken Salad
A salad that you can eat alone or on top of salad greens.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 454 | Carb: 13.15g | Prot: 44.33g | Fat: 24.25g
Grape & Chicken Salad
With grapes, nonfat mayo, dill and mustard this chicken salad is perfect.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 116 | Carb: 10.23g | Prot: 14.11g | Fat: 2.12g
Grilled Chicken Salad
A light, tasty chicken salad dinner using leftover grilled chicken.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 280 | Carb: 17.12g | Prot: 15.17g | Fat: 17.52g
Hot & Sweet Chicken Salad
Sweetness from the pickle relish and grapes. Heat from the cayenne. Crunch from the celery. Protein from the chicken. Freshness from the lettuce.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 297 | Carb: 20.58g | Prot: 16.51g | Fat: 17.52g
Mixed Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast
A mix of salad greens and garden vegetables with leftover roasted chicken.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 244 | Carb: 8.02g | Prot: 24.51g | Fat: 11.96g
Raisin and Cucumber Chicken Salad
A twist on regular chicken salad.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 196 | Carb: 13.32g | Prot: 27.13g | Fat: 3.60g
Asian-style Chicken Salad
Simple chicken salad with an Asian twist.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 117 | Carb: 12.45g | Prot: 16.22g | Fat: 1.01g
Caesar Salad with Chicken
With a delicious dressing this chicken caesar will be a favorite.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 225 | Carb: 17.56g | Prot: 23.40g | Fat: 7.67g
Chicken and Orange Salad
This citrus salad provides a delicious vitamin C-boost.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 433 | Carb: 28.82g | Prot: 24.65g | Fat: 25.96g
Chicken Mayonnaise and Olives Salad
Canned flaked chicken breast with mayonnaise and black olives.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 102 | Carb: 4.82g | Prot: 8.54g | Fat: 5.63g
Creamy Avocado Mexican Chicken Salad
Avocado is the cream base in this salad, definitely not a heart clogger.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 362 | Carb: 13.21g | Prot: 36.07g | Fat: 19.21g
Mexican Chicken Salad
The only salad my husband will eat as dinner.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 423 | Carb: 43.06g | Prot: 41.71g | Fat: 10.23g
Peachy Chicken Salad
A healthy and simple salad to make, even for non-cookers.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 334 | Carb: 45.68g | Prot: 23.45g | Fat: 7.12g
Thai Chicken Larb Salad
A traditional Thai dish with a sauce made from fresh lime juice, fish sauce, lemongrass and chili.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 555 | Carb: 16.18g | Prot: 40.88g | Fat: 37.88g
Spicy Fiesta Salad
Easy to prepare if you make the salsa and chop the chicken in advance. Great for all 3 phases of South Beach.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 317 | Carb: 23.24g | Prot: 29.53g | Fat: 12.56g