Grilled main dish recipes with low calorie and carbohydrates

Who says diet food must taste boring? These tasty main dish recipes will not only make your taste buds smile but are also low in calories.

As an added feature each main dish recipe preview provides you with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and major vitamins per suggested serving. Choose the one that sounds the most exciting for tonight's dinner and enjoy.
Low calorie Dinner and Main Dish recipes for getting slim again covering:
Main Dish....Grilled
Vegetarian Fajita
Grilled vegetables seasoned with spices.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 268 | Carb: 19.75g | Prot: 2.92g | Fat: 20.98g
Grilled Bruschetta Chicken
Italian inspired chicken with mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 342 | Carb: 9.01g | Prot: 59.92g | Fat: 6.25g
Grilled Lemon Catfish
Grilled or baked Catfish with a great lemony taste.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 285 | Carb: 14.02g | Prot: 26.40g | Fat: 13.20g
Grilled Mahi Mahi with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice
A terrific grilled recipe that makes the fish the true hero of the dish.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 132 | Carb: 0.66g | Prot: 22.88g | Fat: 4.19g
Grilled Salmon with Rosemary
An easy and delicious salmon dish.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 186 | Carb: 1.24g | Prot: 22.64g | Fat: 9.47g
Grilled Snapper
A great fish dish with cherry tomatoes and well balanced flavors.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 243 | Carb: 1.33g | Prot: 44.93g | Fat: 5.21g
Grilled Spinach Chicken
A quick gourmet chicken entree that's diet friendly.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 301 | Carb: 10.68g | Prot: 30.36g | Fat: 15.93g
Tandoori Chicken
Grilled chicken with wonderful spices.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 103 | Carb: 7.79g | Prot: 11.71g | Fat: 2.75g
Grilled Beef Salad with Feta Cheese
Grilled beef tossed through a Greek salad that is so unbelievably tasty.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 401 | Carb: 10.88g | Prot: 35.42g | Fat: 23.99g
Grilled Chicken Breast with Tomato Pasta
A terrific meal using chicken breast, Italian seasoning, tomatoes and whole wheat pasta.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 350 | Carb: 66.13g | Prot: 28.30g | Fat: 2.59g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Mozzarella
Great sandwich for Fat Smash Phase 2 or higher.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 474 | Carb: 18.58g | Prot: 64.77g | Fat: 14.08g
Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms and Peas
Delicious recipe that works for Phase II of the Fat Smash Diet.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 583 | Carb: 15.02g | Prot: 60.63g | Fat: 30.93g
Main Dish....Grilled
Grilled Lamb Chops with Cinnamon & Coriander
One of my favorite recipes that's great for fat flush.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 158 | Carb: 1.59g | Prot: 23.17g | Fat: 6.03g
Grilled Salmon with Rosemary (II)
Healthy fish dish with rosemary, capers and lemon.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 165 | Carb: 0.94g | Prot: 22.67g | Fat: 7.24g
Grilled Salmon with Salsa
Grilled salmon fillets topped with a mango avocado salsa that's very rich in Omega-3s.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 500 | Carb: 19.77g | Prot: 35.22g | Fat: 31.82g
Grilled Seasoned Salmon Steak
A flavorful and easy to make salmon dish.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 278 | Carb: 4.67g | Prot: 34.67g | Fat: 13.04g
Grilled Teriyaki Beef Kebabs
A delicious, easy to prepare BBQ dish.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 346 | Carb: 20.02g | Prot: 26.17g | Fat: 15.20g
Grilled Vietnamese Chicken
So easy grilled Vietnamese style chicken, sure to become a favorite.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 190 | Carb: 9.72g | Prot: 22.60g | Fat: 6.47g
Lime Fish Skewers
Fantastic grilled monkfish with chili, lime and mango chutney.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 163 | Carb: 9.56g | Prot: 18.32g | Fat: 6.20g
Spicy Chicken Kebabs
Chicken with mushrooms, tomato and onions Grilled with spices.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 256 | Carb: 5.82g | Prot: 25.45g | Fat: 14.29g
Chicken Orientale
Broiled or grilled chicken kebabs with a tasty Asian flavor.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 469 | Carb: 30.80g | Prot: 56.96g | Fat: 10.09g
Chicken with Watermelon Salsa
Grilled chicken with a refreshing fruity salsa that's great for the summer.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 317 | Carb: 9.61g | Prot: 55.55g | Fat: 5.42g
Grilled Chicken with Green Chili Sauce
Tender marinated chicken in a wickedly spicy green chili sauce.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 445 | Carb: 10.00g | Prot: 56.63g | Fat: 19.15g
Grilled Pesto Chicken Breast
A quick low calorie meal.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 362 | Carb: 2.71g | Prot: 56.43g | Fat: 12.78g