Dessert recipes with low calorie and carbohydrates

Who says diet food must taste boring?

These great dessert recipes will not only make your taste buds smile but are also low in calories.

As an added feature each recipe preview provides you with the calories, carbohydrates, proteins and more per suggested serving. Choose the one that sounds the most exciting and enjoy.
Low calorie Desert recipes for getting slim again covering:
Creme Brulee Bread Pudding
Easy creme brulee-caramel bread pudding.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 400 | Carb: 68.71g | Prot: 12.88g | Fat: 7.20g
Strawberry Shortcake Dessert
Delightful macerated strawberries on a dessert shell shortcake with a whipped topping.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 177 | Carb: 37.14g | Prot: 1.51g | Fat: 2.73g
Bananas Foster
A healthy dessert treat.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 176 | Carb: 28.75g | Prot: 1.29g | Fat: 0.39g
Chocolate Coffee Mousse
This low carb mousse resembles an Italian tiramisu dessert and is simply delightful.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 166 | Carb: 3.35g | Prot: 1.52g | Fat: 16.93g
Chocolate Popsicles
Easy popsicles for the South Beach diet.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 33 | Carb: 5.15g | Prot: 2.89g | Fat: 0.32g
Coconut Lemon Bars
A lemony dessert or snack.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 139 | Carb: 19.29g | Prot: 1.72g | Fat: 6.36g
Lemon Zest Yogurt Creme
With vanilla extract, this lemony yogurt creme is delightful.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 108 | Carb: 13.14g | Prot: 8.68g | Fat: 2.56g
Mocha Fluff
Chocolate-Coffee whipped dessert.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 146 | Carb: 3.23g | Prot: 1.03g | Fat: 14.92g
Pumpkin Flan
A low fat holiday dessert option.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 170 | Carb: 32.24g | Prot: 5.04g | Fat: 2.62g
Quick Cream Cheese Frosting
A perfect topper for pumpkin bars.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 44 | Carb: 2.94g | Prot: 0.49g | Fat: 3.43g
Delightful tiramisu that works for the South Beach diet.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 199 | Carb: 31.28g | Prot: 10.85g | Fat: 4.05g
Tiramisu Sencillo Casero
Tiramisu dessert with coffee and cream cheese.
Per Serving Info: | Calories: 166 | Carb: 28.00g | Prot: 3.53g | Fat: 3.87g