Cal Tracker Help & Instructions
Cal Tracker Help & Instructions
There are (5) major areas within the Cal Tracker App. These are:

When you first open the CalTracker app you will be asked to register.  This is required so that CalTracker is personal only to you. We do not share your information with any outside sources. You may view CalTracker privacy policy here. This information is only for your use to track your food consumption and  weight reduction history.
When you first register we provide a personal evaluation calculator so that you know what your weight should be, the daily calorie totals you should eat along with the date you will reach you weight goal.

FOOD CALORIES include (Restaurants, Food Diary and Diet Calendar)
Enter a food item in the search box. Next you will be presented a list of items that match what you entered. Select a item from the list.
The next screen will show results. First will be a nutrition panel showing the calories, carbohydrates & more. Common Serving Sizes will also be shown. Selecting any of this will present a new screen related to the size you choose. The next area is "Add this item" Adding this item will add it to your Food Diary & Diet Calendar. Once added "My Food Diary" screen will appear.
Find your restaurant from the list of over 850 names. Copy and past the name in the search box and you will be presented with their menu. Select your menu item and its calories and nutritional information will be presented.
Food Diary:
Here you will see the dally total calories you have added per meal type. You may add additional food items here
Weight History:
Here is where you enter your current weight along with your goal weight with your height. This information is used with the exercise Diary.
Diet Calendar:
Here is where you will find the total calories you have consumed in day or the month.
Your login info will also work on the full desktop version of Slim50 at
Over 400 low calorie recipes are available here.
If you enjoy an evening cocktail, helpful diet hints are found here.

Your guide to what you should weigh and what you should be eating to lose the weight. You also get the date when you will reach your weight goal.